Team Identifiers

Provides simple means for rapidly identifying RIT/FAST members to
the incident commander & brother firefighters

SCBA Cylinder Wrap

  • 6.0 oz. Nomex® material
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective trim/letters/numbers
  • Fits securely over SCBA (NO gaps) yet easily removed when changing cylinders or assignments
  • Does NOT interfere with normal operation or emergency maneuvers of SCBA
  • Fits ANY size/brand SCBA (30, 45 or 60 minute)
  • Colors: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Orange, Yellow & Forest Green
  • Any title up to 8 letters (i.e. RIT, FAST, Safety, Ops, Sector, Chief, etc.)
  • Also useful for identifying safety officer, command officers (sector, ops), fire academy instructors, tactical law enforcement, etc.
  • Made in the USA by 343 FIRE
Lettering Price
Up to 4 letters (CW) $45.00
5 letters (CW-5) $48.00
6 letters (CW-6) $50.00
Any other title (CW-OTHER) $55.00
SCBA cylinder wrap SCBA cylinder wrap SCBA cylinder wrap SCBA cylinder wrap

Currently in use with over 100 RIT/FAST teams nationwide!!

SCBA Bands

  • Attaches to front strap & rear horizontal straps of SCBA harness
  • Does NOT interfere with normal operation or emergency removal maneuvers
  • Fits ANY size/brand SCBA
  • 2" x 4" front shoulder band, 4" x 6" rear band
  • Durable 6 oz. Nomex® fabric
  • Securely attaches with 4" Velcro® closure (remains on SCBA when changing cylinders)
  • Maximum of 5 letters/numbers per band
  • Colors: Black, Red, Royal Blue & Orange
  • Available in sets or individually (front or back)

SCBA Cylinder Band Sets

Model Price
Set with 2 letters/numbers (IDBSET2) $31.99
Set with 3 letters/numbers (IDBSET3) $34.99
Set with 4 letters/numbers (IDBSET4) $37.99
Set with 5 letters/numbers (IDBSET5) $40.99

Individual Cylinder Bands (front or back)

Model Price
Individual with 2 letters/numbers (IDB2) $17.99
Individual with 3 letters/numbers (IDB3) $19.99
Individual with 4 letters/numbers (IDB4) $20.99
Individual with 5 letters/numbers (IDB5) $22.99