Fire-Trax Personnel Accountability System (PAS)

The popular, field proven Fire-Trax PAS (formerly the Clemens PAS) provides a simple yet highly functional means for tracking emergency service personnel on the fireground. Works for any size department whether volunteer, career or combination - can be custom tailored to meet the unique, individual needs of your department while remaining highly affordable (all components are sold separately – buy only what YOU need!!)

Frequently asked questions regarding implementing the Fire-Trax PAS

PAS I.D. Tag

The “backbone” of the system

laminated tag engraved PAS tag
  • Available in 2 styles (laminated & engraved)
  • Durable laminated 3" x 4" tag (easily replaced if lost/damaged)
  • Custom graphics including your department patch, name, & town
  • Medical Info sealed inside for emergency access (patented feature)
  • Assorted colors to identify interior/exterior FF's, "probies/rookies", EMS, specialty teams (RIT/FAST, dive team, haz-mat, tech rescue)
  • Space for placement of a photo ID (added by you)
  • Engraved PAS tags feature 1" x 4" tag with dept. & FF's name
  • Hardware including swivel snap hook attaches easily to turn-out gear

Resource Manager Express Software

Create & print custom photo ID PAS Tags using your own PC & printer!! Allows end user to manage personnel & equipment records, qualifications, certifications & NIMS resource typing.

Resource Manager Software
  • User friendly format promotes rapid learning & maximum efficiency
  • US based English speaking technical support included
  • Interfaces with all Windows based printers (printer not included)
  • Supports up to 2 agencies with total of 250 personnel & 20 vehicles
  • Password protected database of personnel qualifications, medical history
  • Allows printing of machine-readable high capacity barcode imprinted ID cards & tags for automated tracking
Model Price
Resource Manager Express Software (IT-RMX) $618.75
1 Yr. Software Maintenance Contract (IT-SMC-RX) $125.00
3 Yr. Software Maintenance Contract (IT-SMC-RX3) $300.00
**Maintenance contracts include all software updates & tech support**

Vehicle Collector Ring

Provides uniform means for collecting PAS Tags as FF's board apparatus

  • Spring mounting clip provided for secure mounting in cab
  • Engraved, color coded ID tag identifies apparatus by type (engine, ladder), radio ID & dept. name
  • Choice of 20 colors to meet your individual needs
color chart
Suggested color codes per NIMS are as follows:

Red - Engine, Tanker, Brush Truck, ARFF Vehicles

Orange - Special Services - Ladder, Heavy Rescue, Support Units

Blue - E.M.S. - Ambulance, Paramedic Response Unit

Yellow - Safety - RIT/FAST Team, FF's Responding in POV's

Green - Command - Chiefs, Coordinator, Outside Agencies (PD, Utility)

Model Price
Vehicle Collector Ring (FPV-RING) $5.95 (includes engraving)

1st Due PAS Board

  • Promotes daily PAS tracking during “everyday” alarms
  • Holds vehicle collector rings from 12 units including RIT
  • Dry erase surface to note unit assignment, group/division, etc.
  • Four 8.5” W Velcro® strips on rear hold Velcro® style PASS tags
  • Dry erase surface on rear for noting unit assignments
  • Highly compact (12.5 x 14.5), fits easily in command vehicles & 1st due apparatus, useful for smaller departments
Model Price
1st Due Pass Board (FT-FDB) $85.00

PAS Binder

  • Designed for large scale operations where significant apparatus and manpower are operating on scene
  • Holds vehicle collector rings from 38 units including units staged, RIT, Safety & Command
  • Dry erase surface to note unit assignment, group/division, tac channel, etc.
  • Space provided for tactical diagram, weather conditions, utility control & haz-mat info
  • Duplicate format on reverse side with Velcro for Passport style PAS IDʼs
  • Fully compliant with NIMS command structure
  • Dimensions: 48x24
Model Price
FPV-LCB $279.95

Are You Prepared for a Fireground Medical Emergency?

A firefighter exits a structure & collapses - what's wrong? Heart attack? Heat exhaustion? Diabetic emergency?


Clemens PAS

By simply cutting open the PAS I.D. Tag, vital Emergency Medical Info can be instantly accessed providing EMS personnel with vital lifesaving information including:

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Medical history
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Resting B/P & pulse
  • Blood type
  • Clemens PAS
  • Gender, religion
  • Doctor's name & phone number
  • Emergency contact number
  • Organ donor

Being Prepared is Everything